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Manage Foot & Heel Pain | Houston Podiatrist

Manage Foot & Heel Pain | Houston PodiatristDiagnostic Foot Specialists has been treating patients in Houston for more than 20 years for their foot pain needs. Dr. Robert Leisten, Dr. Amy Haase and Dr. Arnold Farbstein work daily with our patients to treat heel and foot pain problems and establish proper treatment to get them back on their feet.

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Non-Surgical Heel Pain Treatment

Non-Surgical Heel Pain TreatmentPain at the bottom of the heel is a very common occurrence in people today. It accounts for almost 40% of foot pain in our office. Typical symptoms include maximum pain when first getting out of been in the morning. The pain often subsides with ambulation but returns after sitting for a while. It often occurs for no reason at all, but common causes are excessive walking on hard floors, improper shoe gear and weight gain.

Heel Pain Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma TherapyPRP therapy is an upcoming solution to speed up the healing process for injured tendons. The PRP therapy will give the patient a cutting edge treatment to enhance the bodies natural healing process and poses little to no risk for the patient.

Platelet Plasma Therapy

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